Embodyment® Yoga Therapy

Embodyment Yoga Therapy

What is Embodyment®?
Embodyment® yoga therapy releases tensions in the core of the body and promotes physical and emotional healing. It is gentle and effective for treating pain, stress and tension. It was developed by the founder of Svaroopa Yoga, Swami Nirmalananda Saraswati, based on ancient yogic texts.

Why Embodyment®?
Stress, anxiety, fear and anger cause our bodies to tighten and compress. Excessive sitting and repetitive actions at work or exercise constrict muscles further. This cuts off nutrients to our tissues, nerves, bones, blood vessels and organs. Embodyment® therapy techniques help all the body’s systems find their natural balance.

What Happens During an Embodyment® Session?
In a private session, you relax lying on your back in a comfortable supported pose. The Embodyment® Therapist places her hands on key areas where core muscles attach to the bone at the base of your spine. This triggers a release of deeply held tension in the muscles that connect to and surround the spine. As the release of tension travels through the entire body you will experience a deep sense of relaxation and your body’s own healing ability is awakened.

The healing continues long after the treatment has ended. One session will result in deep relaxation and rejuvenation. A series of sessions can calm chronic pain and other long-standing conditions.

No yoga experience required. Wear comfortable clothing without pockets or bulk on the back so that the therapist can easily palpate your sacrum.

• Relieve Pain
• Alleviate Stress and Anxiety
• Quiet your Mind
• Balance your Immune System
• Cultivate Deep Relaxation
• Improve Sleep
• Heal Repetitive Stress Injuries

Alice McNeely
Certified Embodyment® Yoga Therapist

One hour session $70
Three sessions $195

I have only had four sessions with Alice over a period of two months, and am already aware of shifts in old pain patterns. My back pain and resulting sciatica has decreased significantly, as well as chronic upper back/neck/shoulder stress.The sessions are thoroughly relaxing at the end of my work day. Thank you, Alice for helping my tired, aching body come back into balance.

– Cat R.

After my first session of Embodyment Therapy I was surprised to notice how free I felt. When walking back to my car I noticed how deeply and smoothly my breathing had become. I felt about 3 inches taller and somehow had an overall sense of well being and joy.

– Nancy N.